Welcome to Health and Medical Empire

Health and Medical Empire was founded in Cameroon, in November 2013 by a Cameroonian. Health and Medical Empire is presently running a campaign to stop unhealthy hair amongst men, women and children especially among African women by providing hair health education, hair health products and hair health services. Health and Medical Empire has produced its first Health brand - KeraManiaK (KMK)®.


Mission Statement

We aim that men, women and kids especially women should have their hair as healthy or healthier than that of their wigs or hair extensions.


Our Campaigns

To educate people on how to appreciate their hair type and how to take care of it


Why Us

We provide Africa with the best hair health products and hair health services with therapeutic effects.


KeraManiaK (KMK) ® Products

What we Offer


Health Education

Health and Medical Empire educates and senstizes people on common and/or ignored issues in our societies.

Health Products

KeraManiaK products treat hair loss, dandruff, ringworm, damaged hair etc

Health Services

Hair consultations, hair stimulations for hair growth, hair colouring with natural hair dyes, hair treatments etc


Want To Know More About KeraManiaK (KMK) ® Products?

Health and Medical Empire has produced its first Health brand - KeraManiak (KMK).

  • 100% Vegetarian

    Contains 100% pure ingredients and some organic ingredients

  • Anti-oxidising

    Protects the hair from sun (UV) rays, heat damage

  • Therapeutic

    Prevents and treat hair problems such as ringworm, dandruff, hair loss

  • No Artificial Fragrance

    Fragrances from nature

  • Microbiogically Tested

    All products are tested to prevent microbial growth

  • No Harmful Ingredients

    No mineral oil no parabens, sulphate free, no phthalates etc.

  • No Synthetic Colour

    No synthetic colour added to any product

  • Gentle on the hair

    No harsh or uncomfortable feeling when applied in the hair